TR design
TRD: Translation and Research Department
As a part of global business that seeks harmonization across the business units, Translation and Research Department (TRD) helps connect Mitsuba Global sites through shared documentation by providing quality translations, mostly from Japanese to English, for many forms of contents used in corporate management, design, and manufacturing.

Mitsuba Group Rules and Standards

These documents are related to the global and local operations of Mitsuba Group.

Manufacturing Line and Design Documents

These include instruction sheets and manuals related to design and manufacturing processes.

General Information

The following are some of the documents we regularly translate.

MEE Presentations: For yearly MEE Conference of overseas sites that is held in Japan Head Office

Mitsuba Group News: Updates from each Global overseas site

Mitsuba Magazine (Sairin): Company News, New Product/Machine Developments, “Community” page features company worldwide employees hobbies and information

Important Messages from Mitsuba’s President and Chairman

In-house Documents (Reports, magazine articles, e-mail, etc.)

To maintain quality in our outputs, TRD proofreads and edits all documents prepared and/or requested by other departments of the company. TRD members serve as English grammar consultants.

Others Activities (English Class, Japanese Class, Nihongo Conversation, etc.)

Other than just providing support to others (such as English lessons to Japanese staff), the department also receives support for personal development and skill improvement that are related to its functions (such as Japanese Class and Nihongo Conversation). Sometimes, the department engages in outside activities such as activities sponsored by Japan Foundation Manila (JFM).