D2 design
D2: Convenience and Comfort Systems
MPTC D2 Department focuses on Mitsuba’s auto-electrical products that provides convenience and comfort to car users. D2 members are trained intensively in analysis, calculations and examinations to be able to design new generation motors.

Power Window Motor

power window motor

Rolling down a car window means using a hand crank. Today, the introduction of power windows have made hand cranks obsolete. With just a push of a button, the motor will open or close the window without you breaking a sweat.

Sunroof Motor

sunroof motor

When travelling, nothing feels as good as basking under the sun and feeling the wind blow right inside the comforts of your car. The sunroof, an opening in the roof of the car, allows sunlight and fresh air to enter the passenger compartment. To experience that luxurious ride, Mitsuba provides a reliable motor to open the sunroof for you.



A vehicle’s horn has always been an essential pedestrian safety feature. It instantly warns everyone of the vehicle’s presence. It also provides peace of mind to car owners by acting as an alarm during emergencies or against theft.



Switches are required to control certain devices. In the automobile’s case, some switches operate behind the scene. These switches are called relays. A relay provides a number of advantages such as conserving energy, prolonging the life and improving the efficiency of a device. It allows the system to automatically shut down a motor if it stalls, overheats, etc. Talk about multiple functionality!


There are various types of solenoid used in cars. One such solenoid is called the shift interlock solenoid. Even though it’s a lesser known part of a car, it serves as an important safety component by preventing the vehicle from being shifted out of “park” unless the driver’s foot is on the brake pedal.


Have you ever noticed a car that buzzes when being parked, or buzzes when the engine is shut down but the lights are not yet turned off? That car is certainly equipped with a buzzer. The buzzer, like horn, produces sound to alert or warn when a car is reversing and when the driver or passenger forgets to turn off the headlights.

Powerseat Motor

powerseat motor

First and foremost, driving comfort is judged by the quality and adjustability of seats. Powered seats are usually available in high end vehicles. The driver can choose whether to recline, lift, slide or tilt the seat. Mitsuba motors drive these movements quietly and reliably.

Power Slide Door

power slide door

Opening and closing an ordinary sliding door of a minivan takes a good effort. There is also a chance that your fingers may get pinched by simply closing the door. But with the Power Slide Door mechanism, opening or closing the slide door becomes safe and convenient. It has an Anti-Pinch Reversing function which detects if an obstruction, like your hand, is in the path of the sliding door. Once detected, it automatically reverses direction.

Electric Winch

electric winch

The desire to help a person on wheelchair means that you have a good heart. But that’s not the only thing you need. Moving a wheelchair in and out of a vehicle also requires enough physical strength. Mitsuba designs a powerful electric winch motor that can pull a person in a wheelchair without human assistance. It also lets you control the speed of getting in, securing and getting off the wheelchair.

Power Tail Gate

Automatic opening or closing of tailgates, primarily in mini vans, can be easily done by using Power Tailgate system. The tailgate can be conveniently opened or closed with a switch on the dashboard or by using a remote control.

Power Trunk Lid

power trunk lid

The Power Trunk Lid lets the driver open and close the trunk lid thru a switch nearby and even thru a smart key. Opening the trunk lid remotely is now common, closing it automatically though is still a luxury.

Fuel Lid Opener

fuel lid opener

Some fuel lids have locks and it’s troublesome to drivers to get off the vehicle and unlock it. With the Fuel Lid Opener, the driver can open the fuel lid remotely with a switch.

Door Lock Actuator

door lock actuator

Most cars today are equipped with Door Lock Actuators. The Door Lock Actuator guarantees that the doors can be locked and unlocked securely using a button or remote control.

Charge Port Lock

charge port lock

Smartphones are not the only devices that can be charged nowadays. With the surge of hybrid car technology, even cars can be charged at home. But due to the long charging time of hybrid vehicles, which usually takes up to 8 hours, there could be a chance of accidentally knocking the charge-gun out of the port. This may pose as a safety concern. To prevent this, Mitsuba designed the Charge Port Lock, a device that locks and unlocks the charge-gun.

Active Force Pedal

active force pedal

To improve fuel efficiency and safety while driving, the Active Force Pedal prevents the driver from using unnecessary force on the gas pedal by applying resistance to the excessive force. The Active Force Pedal also works with the proximity sensor to prevent the driver from accidentally accelerating toward another vehicle or any obstruction.

Shutter Grill

Fuel efficiency is a big thing nowadays. When buying cars, people look for features that can save on fuel. Mitsuba is involved in the development of Shutter Grills, a system that shuts the front grill of the vehicle to reduce aerodynamic drag at high speed.