D3 design
D3: Engine Auxiliary Module and
Drive Control Systems
D3 Department handles engine auxiliaries and drive control products. These products include the starter motor, fan motor, engine stop, EOP motor, etc. Due to the direct effect of these products to the driver’s safety, critical safety characteristics must be strictly satisfied. Hence, D3 associates are specialized in stress and vibration analysis, development documents, various calculations, and examinations to ensure the safety and reliability of these products. Scroll down to know more about Engine Auxiliaries and Drive Control products.

Fan Motor

fan motor

Vapor coming out of your car hood is a telltale sign that your engine is overheating and could be due to a faulty cooling system. Mitsuba develops fan units which are effective and reliable in cooling radiators.

Starter Motor

starter motor

Before the advent of starter motors, a hand crank was used to start an internal combustion engine. That was not an easy task. Thus, the introduction of starter motor ensured that starting an engine is safe and convenient. Mistuba starter motors, in addition to being reliable, also supports the environment. It has long life, small in size, and light.

ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) Motor


Skidding on a busy highway due to a slippery road may cost you your life. The Anti-lock Brake system (ABS) prevents this from happening by gradually adjusting the rotation of the vehicle tires instead of locking it completely when the driver suddenly steps on the brake pedal.

Engine Stop Motor


Even the simplest task requires special components. One such component is the Engine Stop motor which is responsible for turning off the engine. It shuts off the throttle valve to stop the entry of the air-fuel mixture into the engine.

Electric Oil Pump

electric oil pump

In today’s fast-paced world, any kind of delay is costly and a lot of improvements are being done to avoid this. Even the time consumed in starting a car engine is being improved by car manufacturers. Electric Oil Pump works by maintaining oil pressure on the lubricating oil to the transmission even if the engine is idle. Having a constant pressure on the oil means that the engine will move in less time without waiting for the pressure to reach its working level.

Intelligent Dynamic Actuator

intelligent dynamic actuator

When people see exhaust gas coming out of a car, they automatically think of words such as pollution, smoke and waste. But with today’s technology, even exhaust gases can be used to boost the engine performance. The Intelligent Dynamic Actuator, designed by Mitsuba, is operated with two systems; to improve the efficiency and to lessen harmful emissions.

Electric Power Steering Motor

electric power steering motor

Have you ever thought of how you can steer a vehicle weighing a couple of tons with minimal effort? Well, it’s not you doing most of the work, it’s the Electric Power Steering System. It supplements the driver’s steering with motor power.

Electric Servo Brake Motor

Whenever you step on the brake pedal, a fluid is pumped into the brake system to stop the wheels of the car. But it isn’t as simple as that. The brake pedal only serves as a switch to operate the Electro Servo Brake (ESB). Once the ESB is activated, the motor is the one that controls the flow of brake fluid into the brakes.

Electronic Throttle Control Motor

electronic throttle control motor

The throttle valve to the intake manifold used to be linked mechanically to the accelerator pedal. But due to space and weight requirements, the ETC motor replaces the linkages.

Transfer Actuator

When it comes to four-wheel-drive (4WD) cars, power is the name of the game. But all that power needs to be distributed accurately. The transfer actuator is responsible for the correct distribution of power, switching from 2WD to 4WD, and shifting from high gear to low gear. Mitsuba ensures that T/F actuators can withstand the conditions that are typically experienced by 4WD cars such as corrosion, vibration, water, and heat.