DE design
DE: Production Line and Equipment
DE Department was established in 2009 to support Mitsuba in the design of production line equipment including assembly robots, production lines, jigs, molds and dies.

Assembly Robot Design

Precision and efficiency are extremely important when it comes to production lines. One way to guarantee this is by eliminating human error. MPTC DE Department takes part in the conceptualization of assembly robots that not only reduces errors in production lines but also assures that product assembly is precise and done in shortest time possible.

Machine Assembly

DE specializes in machine design and assembly, and carefully studies each components, movements and fuctions. DE's main role is to support in the design of production machines that are cost effective and could produce high quality products.

Production Line Layout

Every Mitsuba product goes through a well-planned manufacturing process. It includes product assembly, inspection, and packing. DE associates are highly capable of making 2D and 3D layouts of production lines based on the product model process.

Jigs, Mold and Die

DE supports in making drawings of Mitsuba’s mold and die according to the design specifications of the part, including jigs for assembly lines.