MIS design
MIS: Management Information System
Management Information System (MIS) provides support to the local and the global business of the company, ensuring the smooth day-to-day operation. The department is mainly responsible in ensuring that servers and network infrastructure is up and running to avoid downtime in MPTC operation. MIS is directly involved in activities related to configuration, installation, and troubleshooting computer systems (both hardware and software), and program development of MPTC and other Mitsuba subsidiaries.

The department is in charge of the following:

- Automation Program Development, Product Design Automation, Android Application Development, Web Development/Design, Business Management Software, Software Development, In-house/Desktop Application, Excel Automation (VBA), Micro Controller Programming.

- Management of all licenses for operating system and software (MS Office, CAD, accounting-related software), etc.

- Communication with suppliers for additional hardware and software requirements.

- Preparation and issuance of purchase order for all license renewal and subscription.