MPTC Outing


A definite way to enjoy time and free the team from the stresses of work is to take everyone to a summer vacation. And where else to go but to the best island in the world, Palawan!

As soon as the plane landed, the team rushed to the first destination, the famous Puerto Princesa Subterranean (Underground) River. The serene sights inside the UNESCO World Heritage Site was so breathtaking and the nature around it was so refreshing.

Everyone then travelled north to the town of El Nido, a nine-hour drive from the Puerto Princesa. The following morning, everybody got the chance to experience the island hopping adventure. The excitement was palpable and everyone relished each moment as they move from one island to the next. From the quiet white beaches of Seven Commandos, an open air lunch in Shimizu Island, and snorkeling and kayaking in the lagoons of Miniloc, everyone feast their eyes on the beautiful and stunning sceneries of El Nido. It was an unforgettable day to get close with the protected wonders and treasures of the Philippines.

The company’s summer outing definitely gave everyone the opportunity to appreciate, love, and enjoy the captivating beauty of nature in a place far outside the four corners of the office. They left the beautiful province the next day, taking the wonderful experience with them.