Tree Planting

Angat Dam, Norzagaray, Bulacan

“Pay it forward” is an expression that every person could possibly do, not just for each other, but also to the environment. Through tree planting activities, we “pay forward” to Mother Nature who, in turn, provides nourishment to the surrounding communities.

MPTC associates volunteered, together with other groups, in tree planting and outreach program called “Munting Ngiti, Hakbang ay Pag-asa” or “Smiles of Hope”. Sitio Bitbit is in the vicinity of Angat Dam, one of the major water reservoir in the Philippines. The dam provides irrigation to nearby farms, electricity and water supply to the cities of Metro Manila. The environmental activity was not just for the protection of the huge urban population but also an opportunity to support the indigenous communities surrounding the reservoir. One of these communities is known as Dumagat.

Before the tree planting activity, the volunteers participated in the outreach program for the community. They provided food, clothing, and other basic necessities to the families, including toys to the children.

In the afternoon, they hiked to the hills and reach the area. The event coordinator demonstrated the proper way of planting the seedlings. During the tree planting activity, all were humbled to see the beautiful surrounding forests. It showed them the blessings of nature. A reminder to always take good care of it.

“Paying it forward” in Angat was an unforgettable experience. It was all worth it. The importance of tree planting became clear; forest creates abundance, security, life and habitat to communities.