our history

Apr 2000

The company is established as Jideco Technology Services Inc. (JTSI) in April 13, 2000

Sep 2000

Pioneer engineers returned from Japan upon completion of a 5-month intensive technical training on automotive motors and parts application. Design projects starts to pour in from Jideco of Japan (JOJ).

Nov 2000

Dispatch engineers to Michigan, USA is started to support the Wiper programs of Jideco of Detroit (JOD); and continued with American Mitsuba Corporation (AMC) to the present.

Feb 2002

Office capacity expansion at Dusit Thani's EDSA wing is completed.

MAR 2003

Start of CATIA training of design associates.

NOV 2006

Office renovation is completed. Start of Night Shift operation to accommodate the increase of orders from MCJ.

APR 2007

The company name is formally changed from Jideco Technology Services Inc. (JTSI) to Mitsuba Philippines Technical Centre Corp. (MPTC) to signify the official merging of Jideco with Mitsuba.

MAR 2011

MPTC Corporate Magazine “KAIZEN” committee is created.

NOV 2012

Additional office area of 266 sqm at Dusit Thani’s Arnaiz wing is completed.

MAR 2013

Projects from Mitsuba Germany GmbH (MGG) and Mitsuba Manufacturing France (MMF) are started.

NOV 2013

Launching of MPTC Project Portal, a web platform created by MPTC associates to streamline numerous documents used in operation and make project monitoring reliable and efficient.

OCT 2015

Additional office area of 661 sqm at Dusit Thani’s Ayala wing is completed to accommodate the company’s rapid expansion.

JUN 2016

Tie up with universities is strengthen with the acceptance of students for OJT.

JUL 2017

Translation and Research Department (TR) is created.

SEPT 2017

Technical support and training of MTT (Mitsuba Teklas Turkey) Engineers.

JUL 2018

Management Information System Dpeartment (MIS) is created.

NOV 2018

Technical training of MATS (Mitsuba Automotive Technology Shanghai) Engineer.